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Travels to Egypt and Sudan with Tony Browder and Runoko Rashidi

Traveling to Egypt is one thing, traveling to Sudan is another, but traveling with Anthony Browder and Runoko Rashidi is something entirely special. After spending one week in South Asasif onsite at the ASA Restoration Project's reconstruction of the temple/tomb of Karakhamun of Ancient Kemet's 25th Dynasty, we flew out to Khartoum, (Northern) Sudan to meet up with Runoko Rashidi and his group. From Khartoum we would set off on a journey through Sudan to retrace the steps of our ancient Kushite ancestors throughout the land of Kush. We visited the sites of Old Dongola (Makuria), Deffufa and Nubian Museum in Kerma, El Kuru, Napata, Pyramids of Kerima, Jebel Barkal, Nuri, Meroe, Naga and many other sites. The experience was truly transforming and unforgettable.

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