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Out of Darkness Gets a Sequel

Currently in production is the much anticipated follow up to Out of Darkness, the explosive documentary on African history and culture that been both a national success and an international sensation. The directorial debut from film maker Amadeuz Christ (∆+) will be followed up by a "sequel before the sequel" that will be released before the director plans to release Out of Darkness 2. This next installment in the series will serve as an extended addendum to Out of Darkness, a sort of expansion of the "Conquest of the Mind" segment of the film that deals with the psychological effects of the control over the images of God. The planned follow up will delve deeper into the African origins of the world's major religions, examining the concept of myth and ritual, the importance of the feminine principle, and the birth of these spiritual systems out of Nile Valley culture and civilization. It will also examine the way modern religion has been used for purposes of conquest and control throughout history and the necessity for African people to return to their original spiritual systems in order to maintain a healthy state of being. So far Tony Browder, Atlantis Browder, Kaba Kamene, Dr. Wade Nobles, Prof. James Small, Dr. Chike Akua, Heru Coleman, and David Banner have been added to the film's roster. The Out of Darkness follow up is scheduled for a 2018 release.

Out of Darkness is available to stream/download here: Out of Darkness is available in DVD format here:

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